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Repair of Turbochargers

The confidence of Bulgarian consumer in recycled turbochargers has significantly increased during the last several years.

Turbochargers (TC) repair is a complex procedure, comprising several stages.

I. DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF FAILURE – after opening of the TC each component is inspected and analyzed (bearing housing, shaft, turbocharger blade, aluminum and cast iron housings. Depending on different components wear it is determined whether the turbocharger shall undergo repair and possible reasons for its failure. Therefore, each repair is individual and depends on which part "fit" for service and the possibility of replacing "unfit" ones.


1. Replacement of repair kit (RК) – every TC, which is within the limit wear allowances shall be subjected to this kind of repair, meaning that the main components are not affected by mechanical failures. The repair kit itself consists of bushes, thrust bearing, segments, flinger sleeve, O-rings). *Real Turbo uses only original RKs from the following brand manufacturers - BWTS, Garrett, Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI

2. Partial repair – repair, including i.1 as well as replacement of separate parts (shaft, bearing housing, turbocharger blade, compression disc, covers) provided the wear exceeds the permissible limits.

3. Replacement of the turbo cartridge (C.H.R.A.) – Turbo cartridge replacement means almost complete TC replacement, since the CHRA is the main and only mechanical component of the turbocharger. It means that the only fit parts are both housings (aluminum and cast iron).

III. CLEANING  – the completion of stage I is followed by quality cleaning of old fit parts and their assembly in a ready turbine. The latter is preceded by balancing of the center housing rotating assembly.

IV. BALANCE  – The balancing is performed on a highly specialized stand, complying with all requirements.

V. ADJUSTMENT AND SYNCHRONIZING of variable geometry with VTR Turbo Technics .

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